If you’ve been following my on Instagram stories then you’ll know that I’ve been focused on eating the paleo diet lately. Being a food blogger means that I really love food. Good food. Food that should probably be eaten in moderation but often times I indulge a wee-bit more than I should. I could just focus on salads and grilled chicken, much like this Avocado Greek Chicken Salad, but sometimes I just need a good detox.

While this salad might not be 100% paleo, it is still awfully delicious. Any time you pair avocado and chicken together you end up with an amazing meal. I made this salad for the Living Litehouse blog using my favorite Red Wine Olive Oil Vinaigrette from Litehouse. This dressing gives big flavor to the chicken in the form of a marinade and to the overall salad.

What are some of the ways that you detox your diet after you have overindulged? Please share in the comments below and then head on over to the Living Litehouse blog to get the recipe for this yummy salad!

Avocado Greek Chicken Salad