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Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake

In Bakery, Brunch On February 17, 2017 0 Comments

What is it about the weekend that makes you want to get up to a donut? Or how about a nice slice of kringle? I’m pretty sure that… Read More »

Chocolate Cupcakes with Champagne Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes with Champagne Frosting

In Bakery, Cake, Chocolate On February 10, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Friday foodies! I’m so excited that this week is finally over and I can enjoy the weekend in my kitchen crafting delicious new dishes. Next week we… Read More »

Coconut Almond Cake

Coconut Almond Cake | Rodelle Vanilla

In Bakery, Chocolate, Giveaways On December 15, 2016 78 Comments

I haven’t been able to do much baking this holiday season. It’s something that I miss but have just been too busy to fit into my schedule. One… Read More »

Gluten-Free Apple Muffins

Gluten-Free Apple Muffins | Bob’s Red Mill

In Bakery, Giveaways On December 12, 2016 66 Comments

I feel like the minute December hits the calendar, sugar and comfort foods just seem to appear everywhere you go. I’m not complaining but it obviously makes it… Read More »

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

In Bakery, Cake On November 22, 2016 0 Comments

I cannot believe we are already at Thanksgiving week! You may have seen on Facebook that I had the opportunity to work with Cost Plus World Market on… Read More »

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins

In Bakery, Giveaways On October 21, 2016 40 Comments

I’m also in disbelief that in a little over one week we will be turning from pumpkin month to the holiday season. I’ve been really trying to soak… Read More »

Orange Poppyseed Loaf Cake

Orange Poppy Seed Loaf Cake With Yogurt Glaze

In Bakery On March 29, 2016 0 Comments

Aside from the bit of snow we received in Wisconsin last week, I’m seriously getting a case of spring fever. And spring is certainly in the air. Not… Read More »

Funfetti Cupcakes

Celebrating 4 Years With Funfetti Cupcakes

In Bakery On February 28, 2016 2 Comments

If you know me personally at all, you know how much I love to celebrate my birthday. And even more exciting is that I get to celebrate TWO… Read More »

Magic Bars

Day 12: Magic Bars

In Bakery, Chocolate On December 24, 2015 64 Comments

Here we are on Christmas Eve with the very last giveaway of 2015! This has been such a great year here at Food n’ Focus and there are… Read More »

Rosemary Asiago Bread

Day 5: Rosemary Asiago Bread

In Bakery, Giveaways On December 15, 2015 60 Comments

I’m Italian so I can always appreciate a good, crusty loaf of bread. One of my favorite things about going to Panera is their asiago cheese bread. It’s… Read More »

Red and Green Velvet Bundt Cake

Day 4: Red and Green Velvet Bundt Cake

In Bakery, Giveaways On December 14, 2015 46 Comments

If you were to ask me about my favorite kind of cake it would hands down by red velvet. I don’t know what it is about this cake…. Read More »

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies

In Bakery, Chocolate On October 30, 2015 0 Comments

Well happy Friday! Can you believe that October is nearly over? I remember early on this year thinking that I was looking forward to my wedding but didn’t… Read More »

Blueberry Almond Mini Muffins

Blueberry Almond Mini Muffins

In Bakery On August 19, 2015 0 Comments

Can we just take a moment to talk about my obsession with mini muffins? There’s just something adorable about anything that comes in miniature size but with muffins… Read More »

Vanilla Almond Pancakes

Vanilla Almond Pancakes

In Bakery, Brunch On August 17, 2015 0 Comments

What is it about Monday mornings that just make you want to be back in bed? I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on Mondays. There’s… Read More »

Rainbow Sprinkle Sugar Cookie Bars

Rainbow Sprinkle Sugar Cookie Bars

In Bakery On August 14, 2015 8 Comments

Sometimes life just needs a little bit of celebrating. Wouldn’t you agree? I think often times we forget to just celebrate the little things that get us through… Read More »

Lemon Poppy Seed Flatbreads with Honey Butter

Lemon Poppy Seed Flatbreads with Honey Butter

In Bakery, Books, Brunch On May 4, 2015 20 Comments

Now that we’re in the days of Pinterest I have completely lost sight of the fact that printed cook books exist. Which seems silly because as a photographer… Read More »

Cinnamon Almond Biscotti

Cinnamon Almond Biscotti

In Bakery On April 15, 2015 1 Comment

One of my most fond memories of recent times is my trip to Italy in 2013. I would consider that to be a trip of a lifetime and… Read More »

Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

In Bakery, Brunch On April 3, 2015 0 Comments

I am just so thankful that we have a long holiday weekend! It’s always nice to have a Friday off her and there to just unwind and relax…. Read More »

Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla Birthday Cake

Celebrating 3 Years With Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Birthday Cake

In Bakery, Treats, Update On February 28, 2015 7 Comments

Wow, 3 years?! Where have 3 years gone? I think every year I tell the story about how I told my fiance that I wanted to start a… Read More »

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

In Bakery, Chocolate On February 9, 2015 0 Comments

I can’t believe that I can even sit here and write about chocolate today. I’m coming off of a lovely weekend at The American Club in Kohler, WI…. Read More »

Peppermint Brownie Sundaes |

Peppermint Brownie Sundaes

In Bakery, Chocolate On December 24, 2014 48 Comments

Wow, is it seriously Christmas week already?! I can’t believe how quickly this month and year have just flown by. I’m putting the finishing touches on my Christmas… Read More »