What is it about the weekend that makes you want to get up to a donut? Or how about a nice slice of kringle? I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me that feels this way. I eat a healthy breakfast all during the week and when I wake up on Saturday morning all I really want is a custard filled donut and a cup of coffee on my couch. And someone to bring it to me. I’m working on the latter but my husband just does not seem to want to cooperate! Last weekend I whipped up a tasty Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake and IT. WAS. AMAZING.

I am teaming up with my friends at Litehouse Foods on this post and I used their delicious Opadipity Cinnamon Swirl Greek yogurt dip. I really love dipping apples into this dip but I decided to swirl it into my coffee cake for a light, cinnamon flavor. It keeps the cake super moist and delicious and cuts down on some of the fat and calories. This cake pops out of a bundt pan perfectly and is great for a weekend breakfast or Sunday brunch.

Do you feel the same way that I do about weekend breakfast? Whip up this Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake this weekend for your family and relax on the couch with a cup of coffee. And if anyone has an idea of how to get my husband to serve me on the couch, I’m all ears!

Get the recipe for Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake here

Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake