Happy Friday everyone! I finally set up my Christmas decorations last night. With Thanksgiving being so late this year it hardly feels like I have enough time to enjoy the holiday season. I have a small home so there isn’t much room for decorations but I do like to put up my miniature Christmas tree and a few extra decorations to get me in the spirit.  I did also finally get to enjoy a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. My rule is that I don’t allow myself to have/do anything holiday related until after Thanksgiving. And with one less week this year for the holiday, I have to cram as much holiday spirit in as I can before it’s all over!

So as I sit listening to Christmas music and typing this out I’m thinking about all of the fun holiday parties that I get to attend each year. There’s nothing better than people coming together to enjoy good conversation and good food. The one thing that I always go straight for at a party is the cheese display. While I enjoy the traditional cheddar and summer sausage I also enjoy getting a little fancier with my cheese spreads.

Today I’m working with Sartori for day #5 of my holiday giveaways. Sartori is located right here in Wisconsin and they make some amazing cheeses. My favorite is their Espresso BellaVitano. If it’s at the proper temperature I can probably eat the entire wedge with a nice glass of red wine. Perfection.

So let’s talk about what makes up the perfect holiday cheese display. Let’s start with the cheese.

The Perfect Holiday Cheese Tray | foodnfocus.com

Cheeses: Hard or soft, choose a nice variety of flavors for your display.  I enjoy any of the BellaVitano flavors from Sartori including their Merlot, Black Pepper and Raspberry. Try adding in a smokier cheese such as gouda, an aged cheese such as an 8-10 year cheddar and a softer cheese such as one made from goat’s milk.

Meat: Pick a dry, aged salami to accompany your cheese. You can typically find these salami sticks in specialty grocery stores and they usually come in a variety of flavors. If you want to mix it up a bit add in a good prosciutto as well.

The Perfect Holiday Cheese Tray | foodnfocus.com

Other Accompaniments: There are a variety of other sides that you can add to your cheese platter including fruits, nuts or olives.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Marinated Olives
  • Cashews or Marcona Almonds
  • Pears, Apples or Grapes
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Bread or Crackers
  • Spreads such as fig or honey
  • Wine (the perfect pairing)

The Perfect Holiday Cheese Tray | foodnfocus.com

It’s really easy to go from dull to amazing when it comes to a cheese display. Again, check out your local specialty grocery store or Whole Foods for a nice selection of Sartori cheeses and accompaniments. Follow these easy suggestions and your cheese tray just might be the star of your next holiday party!

Oh, and I’m sure you’re interested in a giveaway.

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The Perfect Holiday Cheese Tray | foodnfocus.com