Alright Monday. What do you have for me? The weekend was great, as usual. Summers in Milwaukee are filled with festivals galore…which means food. Lots of food. We are known for our massive Summerfest music festival on the lakefront but more exciting for me are the ethnic festivals that follow. Festa Italiana is quite possibly my favorite. What could be more delicious than garlic and desserts to fill your weekend? Cue the drooling…!

Let’s work backwards here because I think I enjoyed my tiramisu the most. Peter Sciortino’s Bakery is a staple here in Milwaukee. They have been around since 1948 baking fresh bread and bakery daily. I’m still perfecting the making of a perfect slice of tiramisu but in the mean time I’ll keep eating theirs! Another favorite of mine is their cannoli. Yum! Chocolate dipped, of course.

Ok, back to the main dishes. I taste tested a couple…Mostaccioli and meatballs from Johnny V’s, cheese ravioli from Alioto’s and shrimp scampi from Cafe La Scala.  I think I’m giving my seal of approval to all 3 but putting the cheese ravioli on the top! Would you look at that breadstick?

If you live in Milwaukee or are ever in this neck of the woods, I would highly encourage you to check out Festa Italiana or any of the ethnic fests that the Summerfest grounds have to offer. You just might find a favorite new food (or put on a few extra pounds from all of the tasty treats).

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