Well happy Friday to you! I’m so happy that this week is over. It just seems like it has been dragging on forever! I recently started changing my lifestyle up a little bit by eating better and working out more frequently.  With all of these changes I’ve had to find new ways to fuel myself throughout the day.

I had the chance to attend a great webinar last month hosted by Kristi Yamaguchi and Alpine Lace Deli Cheese. Kristi is such a motivational person and she spoke about how she fuels her day and encouraged the attendees to start doing the same. One of her main points was to set time aside for the little things. In the hustle and bustle of my life I find that I often forget to do that.

Fueling Your Day

Here are some of the tips that Kristi shared that I think everyone should hear about:

  • Keep foods around that will keep you fueled – Have 2-3 go-to items for meals or snacks that are healthy and quick.
  • Stay hydrated – I drink around 7-8 large glasses of water each day.
  • Stay active, even without going to the gym – Make working out a part of your every day schedule.
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Keep a journal – Check in with yourself and how you’re feeling.

I’m such a snacker and one of my favorite go-to snacks is cheese. In moderation, of course. Cheeses such as provolone can be lower in fat and calories and offer a nice dose of protein to keep you going.

Fueling Your Day

The overall message encouraged everyone to live a happier life by living an active lifestyle, keeping your mind healthy and just getting out and enjoying life overall.

Along with this webinar I received a fun little prize package which included a beautiful athletic jacket from Kristi Yamaguchi’s activewear line called Tsu.ya, a One Line a Day journal and a coupon for some tasty Alpine Lace. You can see how cute the jacket is in the image below. You can also see that I am not a model.

Tsu.Ya, Kristi Yamaguchi's activewear line


I’m giving away the same package to one lucky winner on the blog today! So go forth, live a happier life, and enter the contest to win this great prize!


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