Lately I find myself wishing for more hours in my day. More days in my weekend. More time to get things done. Sometimes it just seems impossible to have a full time job and time to prepare meals for myself. Dramatic, I know.

I’ve been making an effort on Sunday to prepare my breakfast and lunches for a full week so that every morning I can just pull out the containers I need, put them in my lunch bag and head off to work. It’s really working out nicely. It allows me to stress less at night and in the morning about what I’m going to pack for lunch.

Step two is preparing some of my dinner meals ahead of time as well. I came up with a recipe for some tasty mini meatloaves that can be prepared ahead of time and thrown on the grill for dinner. Perfect!

You can head over to the Living Litehouse blog today to get the recipe for my Grilled Balsamic Mini Meatloaves and some tips on meal planning. You can come back and thank me later.