I’m very excited to be teaming up with Litehouse Foods on their new blog, “Good Eats and Healthy Living“.  Moving forward, you will start seeing some of my blog posts that I have written for their blog here on Food n’ Focus. Starting with today! When it comes to grilling there is nothing more important than a good marinade on your meats and vegetables. In today’s post I am suggesting a few marinade options as well as explaining the importance of a good marinade.

Summer is finally upon us and if you’re like me you tend to associate certain things with the season. The smell of suntan lotion, local food festivals and of course, grilling. There’s nothing that I don’t enjoy more than a summer BBQ on a patio and the smell of charcoal warming.  And while you may not be a grill expert, it isn’t difficult to make juicy and flavorful meals with just a few ingredients.

July is National Grilling Month and so we are going to ring in this celebration with the most important aspect of grilling: marinating. A good marinade will infuse your meat/vegetables with flavor, will help to lock in moisture and will tenderize your meats. A good marinade should contain 3 things: an acid, a little oil and spices. The acid can come from citrus fruits or vinegar and I prefer to use olive oil in my marinades. Keep the idea in mind that your marinade should have a 1:3 ratio of acidity to oil. The acid will help to tenderize the food while the oil will help provide moisture.

While most people tend to over-marinate their food, I highly recommend any amount of time between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Over-marinating your food will result in a mushy texture when using ingredients such as pineapple or a tough texture when using acid-rich citrus fruits. The smaller the food, the shorter the marinade.

I’ve chosen citrus-based marinades for 4 meats today: shrimp, beef, pork and chicken. Each marinade contains a difference citrus fruit, olive oil and a variety of Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs. You can always adjust the flavors based on your liking and I recommend a one hour marinade with all of these meats.

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