I am so excited to announce my next adventure: China! Seriously, I leave next week. Which is totally crazy but I could not be any more excited to go experience a different culture and all of the delicious food. To get myself in the mood I decided to make a healthier version of Sweet and Sour Chicken. Which I’m sure they don’t serve anything like this in China but I’ll call this my own comfort food.

Back to China…

I’ll be heading off to Beijing and Shanghai next week for 11 days and plan to take in as much of the sights and food as I possibly can. Posting will be light during this time but you can definitely follow my trip over on Instagram and Facebook. My husband and I only debated a bit on the idea of going to China. It certainly wasn’t in the original plan for 2016 but an opportunity presented itself and we jumped on board. Do you have any recommendations for our trip? I’d love to hear about them.

Healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken

Back to the sweet and sour chicken! I’m teaming up again with Greensbury Market and used their boneless, skinless organic chicken breasts for this meal. If you’ve never tried organic meats I highly suggest doing a little taste comparison. I guarantee you can tell the difference. This dish turned out so flavorful (thanks in part to the delicious chicken breasts) and since it’s not fried is lower in calories. This meal is sure to please everyone in your family.

Head on over to the Greensbury Market blog, Field Notes, to get the recipe. And don’t forget to tell me about some ‘must see’ things in China in the comments below!

Get the recipe for Healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken!

Healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken