Happy Friday folks! Today is the final day that I’ll be covering of my Italian vacation and I’ve got a lot of photos for you today. We spent a long leg of our trip in the Italian Riviera which was absolutely beautiful! Our hotel was located in Santa Margherita where we stayed at the Santa Margherita Palace. While this hotel is not located directly on the water, it is only a few steps away. With a very modern flair a beautiful suites, I would highly recommend this hotel. We had a beautiful terrace with a hot tub and a lovely breakfast was served each morning. My favorite thing was a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant.

Santa Margherita

A short train ride from Santa Margherita will bring you to the Cinque Terra, or ‘the five lands.’ These 5 villages along the coastline are only accessible by train or boat. We spent some time in Monterosso on the beach before moving on to Vernazza.

Cinque TerreCinque Terre

If you’ve seen photos of this region, you most likely have seen photos of Vernazza. We enjoyed a little lunch here consisting of pesto, which is what this region is known for.

Cinque TerresaladpastaCinque Terre

On the other side of Santa Margherita is Portofino, which is a rather high end town. Since we had our little Fiat, we decided to take a drive over on the narrow winding roads. The harbor waters are a beautiful blue-green and are filled with giant yachts. We climbed up to Castello Brown for a good view and some photos.


Our final day in Santa Margherita was spent at Paraggi Beach, which is a tiny little cove of beautiful waters and a super fancy beach. While it is a little bit pricier for 2 chairs and an umbrella, the view and the waters are impressive.

Paraggi Beach

So before I close I want to make mention of an excellent restaurant: Il Nostromo. Every review on Trip Advisor spoke highly of this small restaurant so we had to check it out. The service is amazing and the food is impeccable. I suggest a reservation as there are only eight tables. Their menu changes often but the one thing I suggest is the Trofie al Pesto. I have to figure out how they made this pasta and pesto because it was unlike anything I have had here in America. Also notable was their tiramisu, served up in small jars. The kicker here is that it is made with chocolate cookies and raspberries. Did I mention that we liked it so much that we went back a SECOND time? We never do that while on vacation! Unfortunately the best I have for this are iPhone photos.

Il NostromoPestoPesto

Overall it was an amazing little vacation. Stay tuned next week when I’m back to some delicious recipes!