Oh, hello. You can call off the search party because I’m back! I know that you probably didn’t even realize I’ve been gone but life has been filled with adventures in Colorado and spending time on my patio enjoying summer. But I’m here, today, for you. And if you’re planning a summer gathering this weekend I want to suggest this Mediterranean Feta Dip as an appetizer! Your guests will be licking the bowl. I guarantee it.

My friends over at Litehouse Foods make some delicious feta cheese crumbles that I’m totally obsessed with! I love the salty little crumbles on my salads and even just eat the crumbles on the side with olives and more cheese. This delicious dip features not one, but TWO containers of feta cheese crumbles because I feel like cheese makes everything better. My #1 favorite thing to dunk in this dip are naan chips and the #2 thing I love to eat alongside of this dip is actual naan bread. Pita chips are pretty awesome too!

Head on over to the Living Litehouse blog to get the recipe for this Mediterranean Feta Dip and make a batch for the weekend. Or just for your weekdays when you need a cheesy boost in your life.

Jump over to the Living Litehouse blog for the recipe!

Mediterranean Feta Dip