At this point in my life I like to think of myself as a seasoned traveler. More often I’m on a domestic flight so it doesn’t really require a lot of necessities outside of my phone, a snack and something to keep my legs and feet warm but I have been on enough international flights at this point to know the drill. If you’re going to be going on a longer flight I’ve got some tips on What to Pack for an International Flight for you today so that the next time you find yourself scrambling to figure out what you need, you can reference this post.

The longest flight I have been on so far has been to China which was 14 hours. That’s a lot time to spend on a plane! Most planes these days offer some sort of television service on the back of the seat in front of you but on my flight out to China I was required to download an app on my phone to watch anything. Good thing I had charged my phone ahead of time! There are a few essentials that I drag on every flight but I’m also going to offer a few ideas of things that you may not consider so here we go!

1.Comfortable clothes! If you’re going to be spending 6+ hours on a flight there is no reason for you to not be dressed comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute too. Lately I have been digging prAna because of their organic and sustainable clothing. When I’m flying internationally I like to dress in layers because you never know what the temperature is going to be like on the airplane. I’m loving the Annexi pants that I recently picked up from prAna because they are lightweight, breathable and offer a nice amount of stretch in the waist. You seriously don’t want something digging into your hips for 6+ hours! I like to pair these up with a long tank and a sweater or sweatshirt. The Liana sweater from prAna is soft and made of organic cotton. I love the asymmetrical hem that makes this entire look more stylish. Paired with tennis shoes and some cozy socks and my outfit is flight-ready!

2. Sleep essentials – Most international flights are overnight and you’re going to want to get a little shuteye so that you’re ready to roll upon arrival in a foreign country! I always bring a neck pillow, sleep mask and ear plugs. All of these items will help you doze off much quicker and hopefully allow you to get a few hours of rest.

What To Pack For An International Flight

3. Headphones, Computer and/or iPhone – You’ll most likely have your phone with you on the trip which is great for tunes or podcasts. And in my China-flight situation I needed it to access their media on the flight. I also recommend a good set up earphones because nobody likes someone listening to music or television out-loud on a flight! I’m fond of my earbuds but I also know that noise-cancelling headphones can be nice too. Just don’t forget them because you’ll have to sit through a long flight in silence if you don’t have a set!

4. Books and/or magazines – I don’t like to carry too many of these on a flight because they can get heavy in your carry-on bag. However, sometimes I get bored of simply listening to music or watching television. You might be the type that just has digital books or magazines and that’s cool too. I, on the other hand, am pretty old school and I don’t mind bringing a good magazine to page through or a book to keep me occupied.

What To Pack For An International Flight

5. Sanitizer – I’ll be honest that I’m a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to airplanes. Seriously, you should be too. I like to bring a pack of sanitizing wipes to disinfect my area pre-flight including the headrest, chair arms and tray table. I also like to bring a small container of hand sanitizer to use throughout the flight, especially before I snack or when I come back from the restroom. You may call me crazy but there is nothing worse than catching a cold while you’re on an international trip!

6. Refreshing wipes – I have two types that I pack: face and underarm. Since I can’t shower or wash my face easily on an airplane, I like to wipe my face down in the morning before we land and I also recently found some great underarm wipes that can keep me feeling fresh until I get to my hotel and shower.

7. Disposable toothbrushes and mouthwash – I’m a huge fan of the Colgate WISP brushes because they are the perfect way to refresh your mouth on a long flight. I follow that up with a quick swig of mouthwash to seal the deal. You will be happier and your neighbors will thank you.

8. Hand lotion – Airplanes seem to be very dry for me and when you sanitize and wash your hands often thy can dry out really easy. I also have a little tube of hand cream on hand to fix this issue.

What To Pack For An International Flight

9. Other odds and ends – The above items are pretty standard on all of my international flights. I also like to pack some antacids and ibuprofen if I can remember. If you’re a contact wearer you’ll also want to remember a case with a little solution already in it so that you can take your contacts out before dozing off. And bring your glasses!

At the end of the day, this really isn’t a lot of stuff to pack for your flight AND the comfortable clothes part will be something you are already wearing! I can’t stress enough that you should check out the prAna website before your next international flight or if you’re just looking for some new active clothes. prAna designs clothing that looks good but is versatile enough for any lifestyle and any adventure. It’s common for prAna fans to wear their gear to work and to go for a hike or for me, an international flight. While prAna clothing is made to accommodate any adventure, the items are first and foremost mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices. prAna actually has only one core belief, and that is to give back more than we take from the world.

I’m pleased to offer my readers a 15% discount on their prAna order if you use the code MSS17FF for the next 30 days!

prAna Liana sweater

prAna Annexi pants

Whether you’re heading off on your first international flight or if you’re a pro, you’ll want to pack the essentials to make sure you’re comfortable for the 6+ hours you are in the air. Not all of us are fortunate enough to fly first class but you can certainly make Coach feel a little more comfortable!

What To Pack For An International Flight

This post is sponsored by prAna and Mambo Sprouts. All opinions expressed are my own.