So, I’m pretty sure my slow cooker has been working overtime lately. Ever since the leaves started to change and the temperature shifted, I’ve been wanting to slow cook everything. There’s just something about coming home from a long day of work to a house that is filled with a delicious aroma.

I will say that I’ve ruined a cut of meat here or there with my slow cooker. I need to get over the mentality that slow cooker does not always mean ‘set it and forget it.’ You can easily overcook a roast if you’re not careful!

Today’s post includes a tasty slow cooked pork all wrapped up into a delicious tortilla. I crafted these Sesame Ginger Pork Tacos for the Living Litehouse blog, and while they’re pretty much foolproof, I’m also sharing some slow cooker tips and tricks on their blog today.

If you’re mouth is watering, head on over to the Living Litehouse blog for this tasty taco recipe and my top 5 slow cooker tips!