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Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Yogurt Coffee Cake

In Bakery, Brunch On February 17, 2017 0 Comments

What is it about the weekend that makes you want to get up to a donut? Or how about a nice slice of kringle? I’m pretty sure that… Read More »

Belga: Belgian-Inspired Brasserie in San Francisco

Belga: Belgian-Inspired Brasserie in San Francisco

In Travel On February 6, 2017 1 Comment

One of the things that I don’t get to do as often as I like when I’m home is go out for Sunday brunch. There is just something… Read More »

Raspberry Peach Yogurt Parfaits

Raspberry Peach Yogurt Parfaits

In Brunch On April 6, 2016 1 Comment

The countdown is on! I am leaving TOMORROW for China and could not be more excited. It has been a little hectic around here trying to prepare for… Read More »

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Muffins

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Muffins

In Brunch, Poultry On February 25, 2016 0 Comments

Mornings during the week for me are pretty hectic. While most people are busy getting their kids ready and out the door, I am busy getting myself and… Read More »

Wisconsin Food Favorites at The American Club

Wisconsin Food Favorites at The American Club

In Travel On February 12, 2016 0 Comments

One of the things that I love about being a food blogger (among many) is the fact that it opens doors for me to many different tasting opportunities…. Read More »

Vanilla Almond Pancakes

Vanilla Almond Pancakes

In Bakery, Brunch On August 17, 2015 0 Comments

What is it about Monday mornings that just make you want to be back in bed? I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on Mondays. There’s… Read More »

Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

In Bakery, Brunch On April 3, 2015 0 Comments

I am just so thankful that we have a long holiday weekend! It’s always nice to have a Friday off her and there to just unwind and relax…. Read More »

Recipe Roundup: Mother's Day Brunch

Recipe Roundup: Mother’s Day Brunch

In Brunch, Recipe Roundup On May 1, 2014 0 Comments

I’m super excited for Mother’s Day coming up! I don’t really need a specific day to tell my mom how much I care but I’m a big fan… Read More »

The American Club Resort at Kohler

The American Club at Kohler

In Update On October 17, 2013 1 Comment

Yes, I’m talking about that Kohler. The same Kohler that makes all of those lovely toilets and faucets is also home to a very lovely resort and a… Read More »

The Breakfast Sandwich | foodnfocus.com

The Breakfast Sandwich

In Brunch, Giveaways, Sandwiches On August 16, 2013 50 Comments

Well, it’s Friday. Again. Thank goodness the weather seems to be looking up for my weekend! Speaking of weekends, I really love weekend breakfast food. My typical weekday… Read More »

The Thanksgiving Waffle | foodnfocus.com

The Thanksgiving Waffle

In Bakery, Brunch, Poultry On August 8, 2013 7 Comments

If you were to take a vote of what everyone’s favorite food holiday was, I would be willing to bet that Thanksgiving would come out on top. Who… Read More »

Recipe Roundup: Mother's Day Brunch

Buttermilk Waffles with Roasted Pecan and Banana Syrup

In Brunch, Fruit On June 17, 2013 22 Comments

Well happy Monday! I’ve been away a bit over the last week but I’m back at it in full force this week. I even have a giveaway for… Read More »

Strawberry Jam Biscuits via @foodnfocus

Strawberry Jam Biscuits

In Bakery, Fruit On May 21, 2013 11 Comments

Hold the phone because I just found a super helpful tool that I think every kitchen needs. A strawberry huller. And I’m sure you’re probably saying the same… Read More »

Biscuits & Gravy via @foodnfocus

Biscuits & Gravy

In Brunch On May 6, 2013 15 Comments

Today I’m starting your morning off right. I’m bringing you comfort food today and even better, I’m bringing you a giveaway. I’ve been on a chicken sausage kick… Read More »

Cinnamon Rolls

In Bakery, Treats On October 31, 2012 2 Comments

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you that he wants cinnamon rolls for breakfast? You wake up 2 hours early to prepare homemade cinnamon rolls only… Read More »

cherry almond granola

Toasted Cherry Almond Granola

In Brunch, Fruit, Healthy, Treats On June 21, 2012 0 Comments

Ever since I’ve been hooked on my Chobani Yogurt Parfaits I’ve been really interested in making my own granola. It just seems like the sky is the limit… Read More »

apple cinnamon coffee cake

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

In Bakery, Brunch, Fruit On May 25, 2012 2 Comments

I’ve decided that I’m going to extend my birthday celebration through this weekend. I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate and am hoping to have a… Read More »

apple cinnamon

Birthday Treats

In Bakery, Brunch, Recipe Roundup On May 21, 2012 2 Comments

So it’s my birthday this week and there’s a lot of pressure to bring in the most delicious treat to my office. I’m a big fan of birthdays… Read More »


Easter Recap

In Bakery, Brunch On April 9, 2012 2 Comments

Well I certainly hope that everyone had a great Easter filled with wonderful food…I know I did!  As I mentioned previously, Shawn and I offered to cook brunch… Read More »

Cinnamon Buns

Easter Brunch Roundup

In Bakery, Brunch, Recipe Roundup On April 4, 2012 1 Comment

This Easter Sunday will be much different than others. Along with the help of my amazing boyfriend, I will be cooking brunch for his family.  I guess you… Read More »

Antipasti Misti

Food in the Windy City

In Travel On March 22, 2012 0 Comments

My travels haven’t taken me far as of late, however, this past weekend I was presented with the opportunity to visit Chicago. While New York currently has my… Read More »