I’m awfully confused today about what day of the week it is. Many of you saw that Friday was my birthday. And while I thought I’d be around all weekend to cook and blog, that all changed Friday when my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a trip to NYC for the weekend! (He’s pretty awesome.) NYC is one of my favorite places to visit. There is just so much to do and see and eat.  I’ve been there enough times now that I don’t have to run around and sight-see, I get to actually enjoy the city for what it is. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite sweet spots in NYC so the next time you happen to be there you can be sure to check them out.

My #1 favorite spot is Mister Softee. This delicious treat travels around the city and can be found in multiple locations since it is an ice cream truck. Their soft serve ice cream is unlike anything that I’ve ever had. It’s a bit thicker than typical soft serve and is not drippy. I can’t even describe it. But my favorite is a twist cone with rainbow sprinkles. Here are a few photos of my excitement over spotting the truck and ordering.

Mister Softee NYC

Mister Softee NYC

Mister Softee NYC

Favorite treat #2: Dylan’s Candy Bar. Owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren, this place is like a candy store on crack. There’s nothing more exciting than walking the 3 floors of sweet treats, dipping candy into the chocolate fountain and then mixing up a bag of your favorite sweets.

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC

Next up is Bouchon Bakery. This can be found in Rockefeller Center and is a great spot to stop for macaroons. I had a delicious funfetti macaroon on this trip and it tasted just like the cake. They also offer a variety of other bakery treats and sandwiches if you’re not into macaroons.

Bouchon Bakery NYC

Finally, I’ve talked about my love of Eataly before and aside from the aisles of pasta, this shop offers a wide variety of freshly made pastries as well.  While you’re there be sure to pick up a coffee and some gelato.

Eataly NYC

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