It’s time for the next installment of my Colorado travel guide! After talking about Boulder and Breckenridge I’m finally ready to chat with you about my time in Aspen. We decided to take it easy for our night in Aspen and just enjoy strolling around this adorable city, mingling in and out of the boutiques and enjoying an amazing dinner at Meat & Cheese.

The Ultimate Colorado Travel Guide – Aspen

After a lengthy drive from Breckenridge over to Aspen it was nice to finally get out of the car and stretch our legs! If you’re heading to Aspen you will surely enjoy the mountain views from the drive, and perhaps get a little nervous with the twisty, narrow roads. For someone that gets carsick, it was nice to finally stop moving! The town of Aspen was just as I had pictured: cute local shops, high-end shopping, restaurants and outdoor activities galore. Here are my recommendations for your time in Aspen:

Where to Stay

Or shall I call this ‘Where NOT to stay’…. Given the higher prices to stay in Aspen we chose a Westin hotel in the neighboring city of Snowmass Village. If you were there in the middle of winter for activities like skiing or snowboarding then I would recommend staying in this village. Unfortunately there was not much to do in the summer. The hotel was situated near a few restaurants, there was actually a Starbucks and an ice cream shop. Not much else.

There was definitely more going on in Aspen and my recommendation would be to check out TripAdvisor for reviews of the hotels. I know that this is a pretty popular website that I’m sure a lot of you already use but I often use this sight when researching my travel destinations.

Where to Eat

First, I want to tell you where NOT to eat in Aspen. While wandering the main shopping/eating area in Aspen we were looking for a lunch spot. We decided to stop at Hops Culture based on some Yelp reviews. A beer sounded good and the menu seemed decent but I am here to say that the food was terrible and the service was even worse. Avoid at all costs!

Now, onto a much better meal experience.

Meat & Cheese

After heading back to check into our hotel and cleaning up we drop back to Aspen for dinner at Meat & Cheese. We had stopped in this cute shop/restaurant earlier in the day to check it out and browse their farm shop. The shop features curated specialty foods and housewares and many items that you can find on the menu in the restaurants. They even feature many products from the Avalon Cheese Company, a goat cheese company owned by the restaurant’s owner.

Meat & Cheese Aspen

Meat & Cheese Aspen

We took the time to browse the menu while sipping on a delicious glass of wine from their extensive menu. The food concept is that of locally sourced foods served beautifully on boards. We were treated to a specially curated meat and cheese board as a starter featuring their Avalon goat cheese, fresh pâté and goat chorizo. These were definitely new flavors for me! After seeing rotisserie chickens rotating at the front of the shop I decided that this would be my dinner and my husband chose the steak board. While both of these boards were amazing, the real show stopper was the sauce served alongside of my chicken. It was a buttery/wine/thyme/rosemary/and so much more sauce that I can’t even begin to describe. And it’s a secret recipe, so they wouldn’t share it with me. (insert sad face) But I’m determined to figure out the sauce on my own and perfect it for you all!

Meat & Cheese Aspen

While I was drooling over the dessert list I determined that I had filled up on too much meat and cheese to even indulge! It was a shame because the Cookie Board with vanilla milk was calling my name. But overall the vibe of the restaurant was fun and comforting. The service was amazing and the food was delicious. PLEASE check out Meat & Cheese if you’re ever in the Aspen area. They don’t take reservations but it is totally worth the wait!

Meat & Cheese Aspen

Other Things to do in Aspen

Hiking & Biking – There are plenty of trails for both located right in Aspen and shops to rent bikes. This is a great activity for couples of families!

Maroon Bells – If you want a chance to see the most photographed mountains in the US, then you’ll want to see Maroon Bells. Unfortunately, by the time that I had discovered that these were right by Aspen it was too late! These mountains are a series of distinctly bell-shaped, wine- colored mountains towering 14,000 feet above the Maroon Valley. I hear that from the peaks of these mountains you can get some of the best views in the world! You have to take a bus from a parking lot to get to these mountains so be sure to check the schedule!

Ride the Aspen Mountain Gondola – From the city center you can ride the gondola up to the top of the mountain to enjoy lunch, play a round of disc-golf, or if it’s the weekend enjoy some music while getting a great view of the area. Single rides are $24 or $21 in advance but they typically have 3-day passes that are discounted!

Visit the Aspen Art Museum – It’s FREE and features changing artwork and guided tours!

Tour the Aspen Brewing Company – This brewery has been around since 2008 and produces a wide-range of award winning craft beer. They have a tasting room with live music on Fridays and Saturdays and feature a daily happy hour!

I hope that you found this information helpful as you plan your trip to Aspen! Shoot me an email if you have any questions!

Special thanks to Meat & Cheese for hosting my team while we were in Aspen!

The Ultimate Colorado Travel Guide – Aspen